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01.01.2017 Radionice za Vinart Grand Tasting 2018 u pripremi We are working on workshop program for Vinart Grand Tasting 2018

00:00 We are working on new program for Vinart Grand Tasting

We are creating new workshop program for Vinart Grand Tasting 2018. Workshops will be held from 23.02.2018 - 01.03.2018. 
For new program announcement follow us on our facebook page:

17.02.2017 Hotel Antunović - dnevna karta 240 kn

16:00 Grgić - Vertical tasting of Plavac mali

Plavac Mali has always been one of the uprights of Croatian winemaking. For centuries now it is among the most favoured, always at the very top. To gain an insight into the development and aging, and from a wine house of this magnitude of domestic and global fame, is more of an honour and pleasure than a workshop. It consists of a vertical tasting of the selected vintages of this noble and domestically very valued variety from the Grgić Vina archive.

Presenter: Filip Savić
Price: 100 kn

17:00 Krauthaker - Vertical tasting of Graševina Mitrovac

There's a good reason why the name Mitrovac almost became synonymous with Graševina (Welschriesling). We are not about to tell you what reason that is, because we can think of a far more enjoyable way of finding out. Join us in the workshop where you can taste different vintages of Graševina originating from this exceptional piece of land which has done so much already in promoting Graševina. By the end of the workshop, you tell us if you think the reason is good enough.

Presenters: Martina i Vlado Krauthaker
Price: 100 kn


Graševina Mitrovac 2005
Graševina Mitrovac 2006
Graševina Mitrovac 2007
Graševina Mitrovac 2008
Graševina Mitrovac 2009
Graševina Mitrovac 2012
Graševina Mitrovac 2013
Graševina Mitrovac 2015

18:30 Fascinating world of Japanese Nikka Whisky by Badel 1862

This is a workshop to please even the most demanding among you. 

Nikka Taketsuru blended malt and Yoichi and Miyagikyo single malt are just a few of the blending masterpieces coming from exotic Japan. That unique mixture of modern and traditional in the art of making whisky will be presented by Dario Grabarić, a true admirer and a connoisseur in a workshop made possible by Badel 1862 - exclusive distributor of that spectacular brand. 

Come, experience, have your saying about the art of making "the water of life" from the Far East.

Presenter: Dario Grabarić
Price: 100 kn


YOICHI  single malt whisky (45% alk.)
MIYAGIKYO single malt whisky (45% alk.)
NIKKA COFFEY GRAIN  single grain whisky (45% alk.)
TAKETSURU  blended malt whisky (43% alk.)
NIKKA FROM THE BARREL  blended whisky (51,4% alk.)

19:30 Prošek and dried berries (trockenberren)

Probably as old as the wine itself, different ways of producing high concentrated, sweet wines have always been faithful companions of this fascinating world. What are the different ways of drying the berries? What is happening in today’s legislation and terminology? What differs Prošek from other drying methods? Join us, let’s talk about Prošek.

Presenter: Kruno Filipović
Price: 100 kn

18.02.2017 Hotel Antunović - dnevna karta 360 kn

15:00 Matched and Paired in countless ways by Kabola

Any way you look at it, the role of wines in gastronomy shouldn’t be neglected. Wine and food pairing gives the final gastro experience. Join us in one such workshop on food and wine interaction, prepared by Martina Bek and Ivana Valić who are already known for interesting and informative workshops. This is a very useful way of tasting different wine styles matched with different food samples.

Presenters: Ivana Valić and Martina Bek
Price: 100 kn


Malvazija 2015
Teran 2007
Dolce 2012

Badel 1862
Sauvignon Daruvar 2015
Korlat Syrah 2012

Fino Sherry

16:00 Nikolaihof Wachau - committed to quality since Roman times

The oldest Austrian winery Nikolaihof is new on Croatian wine scene. Its history stretches back almost 2000 years to Roman times. This family owned winery is one of first in the world to have begun working by biodynamic principles according to the regulations of the Demeter Association. Minimum of intervention and (usually long) cellaring of the wines until the winemaker decides they are ready for release is part of their philosophy. The results of this traditional Wachau winery are recognized all over the world, by wine lovers who prefer conventional and unconventional wine. Widely renowned wine connoisseur Robert Parker recognized Nikolaihof wines rewarding its 1995 Vinothek Riesling with 100 points in 2014. It was the first Austrian wine and the first dry Riesling worldwide to receive the highest Parker-score. Nikolaus Saahs, the owner of Nikolaihof Wachau, will personally lead the tasting. Probably the first opportunity in Croatia to get to know this renowned wines from Wachau, Austria.

Presenters: Nikolaus Saahs and Ivan Salopek
Price: 150 kn


2015 Nikolaihof Grüner Veltliner Zwickl

2015 Nikolaihof Grüner Veltliner Hefeabzug

2008 Nikolaihof Vom Stein Riesling Federspiel

2004 Nikolaihof Steinriesler Riesling

2013 Nikolaihof Steiner Hund Riesling

2000 Nikolaihof Vinothek Riesling

17:00 Benvenuti - vertical teran tasting and sneak peak into upcoming wine

When you hear San Salvatore, Kaldir, Momjan, Teran, Santa Elizabeta, Mlavazija you immediately think of Benvenuti. You should remember this name; this is a winery that simply doesn't know how to disappoint. Vertical tasting is the best way to appreciate their sustaining quality and it is of the highest ranking. After you taste one of the leading, fresh Istrian Malvazija, there are several vintages of Istrian Teran to taste before ending the flight with 'something sweet'.

Presenter: Danijela Kramarić
Price: 100 kn


Malvazija 2016
Teran 2007
Teran 2008
Teran 2009
Teran 2011
Teran 2012
Teran 2013
San Salvatore 2013

18:30 Masters of Ribolla at Vinart Grand Tasting

May we have your attention, please! This year's Vinart Grand Tasting brings you a rare opportunity to hear something about Ribolla. More importantly, you will have a chance to taste what becomes of Ribolla, once an unjustly neglected variety, in the hands of some of the greatest winemakers in Slovenia. There is no reason good enough to miss this.

Presenter: Nina Levičnik
Price: 100 kn


Klet Brda Peneča Rebula Brut
Bjana Brut

Ščurek Rebula 2015
Reya Rebula 2015

Blažič Rebula selekcija 2009
Aleks Simčič Rebula Donegovana
Marjan Simčič Rebula selekcija 2013

Štekar Rebula Prilo
Prinčič Ribolla Gialla

19:30 Chateau Mouton Rothschild takes you for a walk through the famous wine regions of France

It is a rule, so they say that the more you learn about wine the more you wish to know. What makes the shelves of our local wine shops and stores attractive and diverse is not domestic wine alone. To take a walk through Champagne, Chablis, Saint Emilion, and Medoc and finally taste Ch. d’Armailhac and a renowned Premier Cru Ch. Mouton Rothschild… This makes for a great day in anyone's book.

Presenter: Saša Špiranec
Price: 200 kn 


Champagne Brut Barons de Rotschild NV
Sancerre Domaine Vacheron 2015
Chablis Premier cru Mont de Milieu 2013.
Réserve Mouton Cadet Médoc 2014
Réserve Mouton Cadet Graves 2013

Réserve Mouton Cadet Saint Émilion 2014
Château d'Armailhac 2010
Château Mouton Rothschild 2008

23.02.2017 Hotel Antunović - dnevna karta 440 ili 664 s Bordeaux Left Bank

13:30 Clai - elusive king of Organic

It is a rather exclusive club of people who can say; we tasted 6 different wines from Giorgio Clai, while listening to secrets of this petite, genuinely cult winery. There are those who drink nothing but Clai. Giorgio Clai would probably be the first to say that there’s a good reason for that. The rest of us will enjoy immensely in his efforts to win us over. Sv. Jakov, Ottocento, Brombonero… You better watch out or you just might find yourself without a seat for this one.

Presenters: Giorgio Clai and Dimitri Brečević
Price: 100 kn


Ottocento bijeli 2014
Ottocento crni 2014

Sv. Jakov 2013
Sv. Jakov 2011
Sv. Jakov 2009

Brombonero 2013
Brombonero 2009

15:00 Carmenère - the mistake that saved a variety

It was a close call. On occasion it is simply the destiny that intervenes and makes sure we don't miss out on a variety as unique as Carmenere. Almost lost at one point in time, it is among the top few in Chilean wine making today. Meet Carmenere with Jo Ahearne, MW, our naturalized 'Hvaranka'.

Presenter: Jo Ahearne, MW
Price: 150 kn

16:30 Perfect Boškarin Beefsteak from Kopa ovens

Much the same way there’s beefsteak and a boškarin (Istrian indigenous cow) beefsteak, there’s an oven and a Kopa oven. Well, in our workshop you get to try boškarin steak from Kopa oven. And as if that wasn’t enough it will be accompanied with Cattunar wines. If there ever was a day in heaven… Be sure to make reservations!

Price: 100 kn 


  • Terra Unica Di Luna sparkling wine
  • 4 Terre  Malvazija siva zemlja 
  • Teran Barrique

18:00 Kutjevo d.d. - How Graševina was born

Many of you, today's wine enthusiasts, will get a chance, in this exceptional workshop, to taste wine that is older than you. We are not yet at the end of the road of re-evaluating the role Graševina has in our wine making. Furthermore, we still haven’t justly evaluated the potential Graševina has for those truly great wines. Both of these goals depend fully of you, our audience, people who are able to acknowledge and appreciate the quality. Kutjevo d.d. is inviting you to attend the vertical tasting of Graševina starting with a distant 1960 and arriving at 2016 over a several noteworthy vintages.

Presenter: Siniša Lasan
Price: 100 kn


Graševina vintage 1960
Graševina vintage 1969.
Graševina vintage 1985.
Graševina BA 1993.
Graševina BA 1999.
Graševina De Gotho 2015.
Graševina Turković 2015.
Vrhunska Graševina 2015.
Vrhunska Graševina 2016.
Graševina TBA 2011.

19:30 Bordeaux Left Bank, vintage 2010. - comparative tasting of 6 appellations

Does it really get any better? The 2010 vintage in Bordeaux was exceptional. Many like to see it at the top next to the famous ones and the price, as prices usually do, being a faithful companion to exceptional vintages soars sky high. However, there’s a good way to outsmart the prices with knowledge and the best place to acquire some is with us in our 2010 left bank Bordeaux workshop. You’ll have a rare chance for a comparative tasting of Haut Medoc, Paulliac, Pessac Leognan, St. Juliena, St. Estephe and Moulis.

Workshop is limited to 12 participants. The organizer reserves the right to cancel workshop in case of an insufficient number of participants.

Presenter: Daniel Čećavac
Price: 380 kn 


Vintage 2010

Château Cantemerle - Haut Médoc
Château Haut Batailley - Pauillac
Château Haut Bergey - Pessac Leognan
Château Lagrange - St. Julien
Château Lafon Rochet - Saint-Estèphe 
Château Poujeaux - Moulis

19:30 Vinolog & Plantaže

This is a truly great opportunity to learn more about the tricks of the trade of the wine world in a joint workshop by Vinolog and Plantaže. What is the nature of the relationship Vinolog has with the wineries it works with? An upcoming Vranac is an indigenous variety of Montenegro and among the most important in the portfolio of Plantaže, the biggest vineyard in Europe. This Vranac found its way onto Croatian market with the help of Vinolog. The time is now to discover what becomes of Vranac in Montenegro.

Price: 100 kn


Rajnski rizling Lectus 2015
Malvazija Lectus 2015
Chardonnay Éclat 2013
Muškat Éclat 2015
Plavac Lectus 2015
Plavac Éclat 2012

Vranac 2013
Vranac Pro Corde 2013
Vranac barrique 2013
Vranac Reserva 2011

24.02.2017 Hotel Antunović - dnevna karta 400 kn

13:30 Champagne Charles Heidsieck - one of the most awarded collections of wines in the world.

Our modest words may only fall silent next to a list of wines that are about to be presented in our workshop on a Great Champagne House - Heidsieck; NV Brut Réserve, Charles Heidsieck, Champagne, France; NV Rosé Réserve, Charles Heidsieck, Champagne, France; 2005 Brut Millésime, Charles Heidsieck, Champagne, France; 2006 Rosé Millésime, Charles Heidsieck, Champagne, France; 1995 Blanc des Millénaires, Charles Heidsieck, Champagne, France. Much time will pass before you get a chance to taste three vintage Champagnes from a truly great winemaker such as Heidsieck

Presenter: Dražan Dennis Šunjić
Price: 200 kn


NV Brut Réserve, Charles Heidsieck, Champagne, France   
NV Rosé Réserve, Charles Heidsieck, Champagne, France   
2005 Brut Millésime, Charles Heidsieck, Champagne, France   
2006 Rosé Millésime, Charles Heidsieck, Champagne, France   
1995 Blanc des Millénaires, Charles Heidsieck, Champagne, France

15:00 Villányi Franc - comparative tasting of cabernet franc from Villány

Cabernet franc has found a new home in this respected Hungarian wine region. Today cabernet franc is the main variety of Villány and Villány is one of the most important region for cabernet franc in the world.
Zoltan Győrffy, local expert and editor of VinOliva magazine made a selection of the best examples that you definitely shouldn't miss. 

Presenter: Zoltan Győrffy
Price: 100 kn 


WENINGER&GERE Villányi Franc 2013
CSÁNYI PINCÉSZET ’Chateau Teleki’ Villányi Franc 2012
RUPPERT BORHÁZ Villányi Franc 2012
VYLYAN PINCÉSZET ’Mandolás’ Villányi Franc 2012
GERE TAMÁS ÉS ZSOLT PINCÉSZETE Villányi Franc (Várerdő-dűlő) 2011
BOCK PINCE Villányi Franc (Fekete-Hegy Selection) 2011

16:30 Gegić - our mutual journey!

Boškinac Winery is among the most significant wineries of Croatian mid-Adriatic coast for almost a decade. It all started with a famous red Boškinac of 2006 and continued to the present. Restless in promoting indigenous varieties like gegić and curious explorers of international varieties like cabernet sauvignon, Boškinac wines will be presented by Boris Šuljić in an interesting workshop that combines the horizontal overview - what is currently in the market and the vertical view - how certain vintages affected a specific wine.

Presenter: Boris Šuljić
Price: 100 kn


Gegić 2015

Gegić 2016

Boškinac bijeli 2014 ( Gegić, Chardonay, Sauvignon)

Ocu 2015 ( Gegić )

And surprise for the end!

18:00 Poletti - authentic expression of Istrian red soil

Echelons of first rate Istrian winemakers grow before our very eyes. We will make sure you don’t miss anyone and you make sure to be in the right place at the right time. A great authority on Istrian wines, a true ‘Malvazija whisperer’, Emil Perdec, will lead us through a seductive flight of wines stemming from famous Istrian red soil that are bound to make your spirit soar.

Presenter: Emil Perdec
Entrance: 100 kn 


Malvazija Istarska 2016
Malvazija Istarska 2015
Chardonnay 2015
Malvazija Istarska barrique 2015
Malvazija Istarska barrique 2008
Teran 2013
Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
Cabernet Sauvignon 2001

19:30 Postup Grand Tasting - 50th anniversary of PDO status

How would you honour a great jubilee of a famous wine appellation, 50 years of Postup? We have an idea; join the audience of Siniša Lasan while he pours a couple of arguments that prove this appellation is truly great. We’ll try to take you for a stroll vertically down the ages, through the history of this significant appellation in Croatian winemaking and show due respect by tasting some age-old vintages and some more recent as well.

Presenter: Siniša Lasan
Price: 200 kn




Flight I: different vintages from 1994. - 2009.
Flight II: vintage 2013.

26.02.2017 Bistro Lauba

11:00 The many faces of Grenache

While one of the world's more popular grapes, Grenache rarely sees the fame of others such as Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Chardonnay. Whether known as Garnacha, Lledoner, Cannonau, or Vernaccia Nera, Grenache is an unsung hero that's a workhorse grape across Northern Spain, Southern France, and Sardinia. A recent renaissance of the grape by infatuated producers has shown that it's capable of a finesse not deemed possible previously. Miquel Hudin, wine writer and sommelier will lead a tasting of various Grenache wines with a focus on Spain that will peel back Grenache to its essence and show the possibilities.

Presenter: Miquel Hudin
Price: 100 kn