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Vinart Grand Tasting

We are curently working on Vinart Grand Tasting 2018 which will take place in Lauba, Zagreb. It will be held from 02. - 03. March 2018, so save the date!
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This is the place where visitors can get the most out of the Croatian wine market. Vinart Grand Tasting brings together the most widely recognized practices from the world of wine festivals and it is, at the same time, innovative. Fully devoted to quality, it is an ‘invitation only’ type of festival where years of our meticulous work and exploration went into picking what organizers believe to be frontrunners of all styles and price ranges that can be found in Croatian market and inviting them to exhibit their wine.

An event with such a concentration of great samples in such a short period of time and all in one place don’t come often. And you get to stock your home wine cellars with those hard to get bottles we all long for.

It is our Pop-Up Wine Shop that makes this possible for you. Never will a discerning visitor, wine enthusiast and aficionado wonder the streets of our city in search of that one single wine that changed his life. It is all here. All exhibitors are required to provide a limited amount of their wines for the on spot Pop-Up Wine Shop; an opportunity not to be missed.

 It is a home away from home for all those who are driven by quality, professionals or not. A place where winemakers can defend the true colours of their wine and visitors can enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Entrance fee is 150 kn and includes a 40 kn voucher for Pop-up Wineshop or taxi ride.