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Getting to know different wine regions, discovering extraordinary wines, pointing up those who strive and achieve quality, networking and encouraging the culture of enjoying wine are our constant challenge and motivation. Therefore, in fourth edition of Vinart Grand Tasting, we bring you the most demanding program so far: 

22.2., 23.2., 27.2. i 28.2.2019.
Professionally run tasting seminars and masterclasses
Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton

28.2. 2019.  
Vinart Petit Tasting: New Europe Terroirs
Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton

1.3. i 2.3.2019.
Vinart Grand Tasting

New in our program: Vinart Petit Tasting

Vinart Petit Tasting is a new addition to the Vinart Grand Tasting program, and this year's theme is New Europe Terroirs. The goal of the Vinart Petit Tasting is to highlight and present up to 100 different wines which perfectly embody unique characteristics of the region where the grapes are grown. Rare and valuable wines from different parts of Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, for true and passionate wine enthusiasts. 

Vinart Petit Tasting will be held on 28th February 2019, in DoubleTree by Hilton with beginning at 14 h.

Tickets available soon.